02/2015 CCS February Newsletter

Here is your Creative Communities Scheme February 2015 Newsletter...

Happy New(ish) Year! We hope you had a good break and are excited about the year ahead. We have important information in this newsletter so please take a moment to read it through.

CCS Payments have been made

The second installment of CCS funds for the 2014-15 financial year was paid this month.  A reminder that 7.5% of the year’s allocation can be used towards promoting the scheme and this figure needs to be captured in your Grant Tracking Tool if you haven’t already done so. A maximum of 15% of your total annual allocation can be rolled over at 30 June so if you anticipate that you will have more than this you may want to consider running an additional funding round. Let us know if you plan to.

Promoting the Creative Communities Scheme

Promotion Strategies
We urge you to set aside some time to look at the guidelines provided in the Administrators Guide (Section 3 Promoting the Creative Communities Scheme, page 14-15) and consider the CCS promotion strategy in your area. We also ask that you discuss this at your next committee meeting.

Review of CCS on Council Websites 
Is your website easily accessible and up to date with the new CCS resources? Our latest review of the CCS on council websites has shown us that the following areas need attention across the board:
  • Accessibility
    We encourage you to test your website yourself.  If you search ‘Creative Communities Scheme’ on your website, what pops up? Are you being directed to the most recent and accurate information? Is the scheme being referred to as the “Creative Communities Scheme?”
  • Closing Dates
    Is it clear when the closing dates are? Are they listed on the CCS webpage or do you have to download the application form to see these dates?  Make it easy for an applicant to find information.
  • Forms & Guides
    Please make sure that both these documents are available. For councils who have online application forms, the questions need to mirror the application form we have provided.
  • CCS Brochure: 
    The pdf of the CCS Brochure must be loaded onto your site and available all year round. This brochure gives a comprehensive overview of the scheme. You can cut and paste information from the brochure onto your site but it may be simpler to have one sentence and a download e.g.  “Download the Creative Communities Scheme brochure (insert link)This brochure tells you if your project is able to be funded through the CCS and how to make an application”.  Your community includes diverse populations so please also load the relevant translated versions of the brochure.
  • Project Completion Report:
    Consider loading the project completion report onto the website too so it’s easily accessible to successful applicants.
  • Outdated information:
    Please remove any ‘FAQs’ and ‘CCS glossary’ documents – this information has been superseded by our new resources.  Likewise the red and orange ‘Create’ graphic is also inconsistent with our new resources – we will be providing a new graphic in the near future.
And the best website awards go to……….... Whangarei and Auckland!  Check out their web pages for tips - they are well laid out, have useful information and the guides and forms are readily available for interested applicants. 

Webinars on online marketing
Creative New Zealand has launched the ‘Optimize’ series of online marketing webinars to assist you in your promotion of CCS.  These in-depth and informative sessions cover the areas of social media, optimizing search results and effective email marketing. They are available on our website through the Arts Development and Resources tab, under Resources or you can follow this link.

Sharing is caring:
We would like to hear any success stories or great ideas you have had to promote CCS in your region.  One of the consistent concerns that come up at CCS Regional Hui is how to engage new applicants, particularly from diverse communities.  Be sure to share these with us and your neighbouring council.


Focus on Tasman....

The Tasman Creative Communities Scheme assessment committee decided to prioritise funding for projects that provide opportunities for the community to be active participants in arts practices; the aim being to develop skills and to support all the disciplines. The committee wants to support opportunities for communities, urban or rural, to have a go whether it’s for recreational activity or to develop professional practice.
The Tasman Creative Communities Scheme funding in 2014 enabled theatre groups like Body and Space to workshop The Map with local Golden Bay performers aged 13 to adults before the community performance.  The Embroiderers’ Guild were able to host a weekend of workshops for beginners to “old hands”, budding authors were able to attend a Breaking into Print workshop, 50 members of the Mapua community were able to roll up their sleeves, mix up the grout and mosaic one wall of the public toilets (see above) and a large cast of locals performed to 500 Richmond residents at the outdoor summer theatre in Washbourn Gardens. The Creative Communities Scheme funding, alongside a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm from the applicants, is what enabled these opportunities and many others to take place.
Mike Tasman-Jones
Community Partnership Coordinator
Tasman District Council

Here is a great example of a press release for CCS from Tasman, using already funded projects to promote the next funding round

Regional Hui

Thank you to everyone from Northland and Bay of Plenty who attended Regional Hui this year. The days have been very informative and positive. We look forward to seeing everyone in the Taranaki/Wanganui district next month and plan to get to Otago later in the year.  If you would like to host a regional Hui in your area please get in touch with us. We are more than happy to make this happen.

Creative New Zealand's review of multidisciplinary arts

During the past four years Creative New Zealand has been reviewing its support for each artform it funds: media arts (2011), Māori arts (2012), Pacific arts (2013), music (2013), dance (2013), visual arts (2014), craft/object art (2014), literature (2015), opera (2015), theatre (2015).
To incorporate reviews of those arts activities and organisations which involve multiple artforms, rather than one primary artform, Creative New Zealand is reviewing how it defines and supports multidisciplinary arts.
We are seeking feedback on multidisciplinary arts via an online questionnaire (link provided below).  An important part of this review is focused around how we support access to the arts. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Multidisciplinary_Arts_Review
The deadline for completing this online questionnaire is 5pm on 2 March 2015. Please forward this information to anyone you think may be interested in the upcoming review.

Our next newsletter is due out in May. If you have anything you would like to contribute please let us know. We wish you a happy Autumn and in the words of the Opotiki Childrens Arthouse… Be kind, Love art!
Briar, Natalie and Amber