12/2014 CCS December Newsletter


Here is Your December CCS Newsletter...


Meri Kirihimete! (Te Reo Māori)    Manuia Le Kerisimasi! (Gagana Samoa)     Kilisimasi Fiefia! (Lea faka Tonga)    Sheng Dan Kuai Le! (Mandarin)     Geseënde Kersfees! (Afrikaans)    Sretan Bozic! (Croatian)  Feliz Navidad! (Spanish) 

Hopefully you’re getting through the Christmas crazy-time and looking forward to a well-deserved summer break!  This year has been a fantastic one for local arts with ever-more diverse, beneficial and creatively compelling projects being supported by CCS. There are some key pieces of information in this newsletter so please take a moment to read it thoroughly.

Introducing Amber

Amber Curreen has joined the CCS team. Amber has a background as a theatre performer and producer, as well as being a mum of two. Amber and Natalie job share and will be looking after CCS along with Briar. They are your first port-of-call for anything to do with reporting, payments, eligibility criteria and so on.

New to CCS? Needing help

Please contact us if you need help with CCS. We can answer your questions, set up a phone training session, make a time to come and meet with you and your assessment committee, or help you run a public session.

Getting your Grants Tracking Tools (GTT) in on time

If you have an overdue GTT reports please get these to us as soon as possible. If you’re having difficulties meeting your deadlines please get in touch.

These reports help us respond to issues, ensure we are not ‘double funding’ projects though our other programmes and meet our own reporting requirements. GTT reports are due eight weeks after the closing date for your funding round. Ideally they can be completed earlier as the meetings are held so they are a simple matter of tidying up.

Please remember not to cut and paste into these reports across more than one cell. If you do it disables the macrons and means we end up re-typing them, which can lead to errors.

Feedback on the new guides and forms

We’re very interested to hear how you are all finding the new Administrators and Assessors Guides.  Let us know if you are able to access them easily and if you have comments on the content.

We have already identified the following error, and would like to apologise for the confusion:
Page 10: The roll over policy allows for up to 15% of your CCS annual allocation to be rolled over – not 5% as stated.
Please contact us if you have any suggestions.

Capturing the numbers – why is this important?

We have started capturing participant and audience numbers for CCS projects in our application and project completion forms.  This information helps us demonstrate how CCS is delivering benefits to New Zealanders. Wherever possible please ensure that people use our new forms so this information is captured. When you come to completing the Grants Tracking Tool, if applicants haven’t supplied this information please put ‘0’ in the appropriate cell.

Some early figures from Auckland Council tell us already that the reach of CCS is enormous. In  Auckland alone CCS funded projects will reach an estimated 500,000 people this year.

Overdue project competition reports

We may have recently been in touch with you about overdue project completion reports. These are the reports that clients must send in to you within two months of their project being completed. Ideally, all projects from the 2012/13 year will have sent in their reports. If not please keep following up on these. There will always be a handful of clients that don’t submit a report. We are setting up some systems to manage these clients. 

Sharing good resources between administrators

Do you have any useful resources that you pass on or recommend to CCS clients? These might be ‘How to….’ guides on promoting projects, using social media, fundraising, running a good community project. Would you like to share these with other local CCS administrators? If so send these to us and we will put them in the drop box for all to use.

Creative New Zealand Advocacy Toolkit

We have recently developed an advocacy toolkit to help people talk about the value of the arts. The toolkit provides evidence, ideas on how to advocate and case studies of strong projects. You can pass this information on to arts organisations in your area. Read the advocacy toolkit

Auckland Council Showcase


Auckland Council is trying a new approach to promote CCS. Rather than just advertising the CCS funding rounds they are promoting the scheme through successful projects. This involves running workshops and developing resources to help successful CCS applicants promote their projects. They have just hosted their first CCS Showcase at the Fale Pasifika.

 We see so many great projects receive CCS support – but even people who receive grants don’t understand the reach of the programme they are helping to deliver. We want to shift the promotional focus to the programme instead of the funding process. So we’re working on ways to help people tell their own stories, especially through social media.

Barbara Procter
Sector Investment Leader for Arts & Culture at Auckland Council

Some of the projects or groups that were involved in the showcase were...

- Estuary Arts

- Mixit  
- Fafine Niutau i Aotearoa (Title picture) 
- The Tongan Students Association of University of Auckland (TAUA) (Pictured above)

Stories on successful projects

We are always on the lookout for examples of successful CCS projects. Please send us any stories and images of high quality CCS projects. We would like to use these to promote the scheme more widely and share them with other administrators and assessment committees.

Again, we hope you have a restful Christmas break and look forward to catching up with you in the New Year,

Briar, Natalie and Amber