CCS assessment committees

Travel costs and fees for assessors

Some councils, particularly those that cover a wide geographic region, choose to reimburse travel costs for their assessors. Some also pay a stipend to their assessors either to cover the committee day or a fixed amount per application assessed. We are often asked what other councils do and if this is a necessary cost.

The written agreement between Creative New Zealand and your council is that the council will cover administrative costs for the delivery of the scheme. This includes the costs of convening the assessment committee.

Creative New Zealand does not stipulate specific administrative costs that the council must cover to run the scheme but in many instances, particularly with councils that have a wide geographic area, councils choose to reimburse travel costs as a way of ensuring that they have a committee with good understanding of the diverse local arts taking place across the district.

So, under the contract you are not obliged to reimburse travel or to pay fees/stipends, however we would certainly encourage this if it is the best way to ensure participation by a committee with appropriate knowledge.