Developing a promotional strategy

Promoting the scheme well is key to the success of CCS.

Planning is the first step, and it’s good practice for assessment committees to set aside time to develop a promotional plan. The plan should be a work-in-progress that’s discussed and reviewed regularly. We suggest that you do this at the end of each assessment meeting.

To develop a plan targeted to your own community it may help to start by addressing the following questions. We encourage all assessment committees and administrators to regularly review how the scheme is being promoted. At least once a year the committee should devote some time to consider ways to improve the scheme’s promotion.

Questions that the assessment committee might consider are:

Who needs to hear about the scheme?

Brainstorm ideas, using your knowledge about your community. Look at past applications to help identify particular groups or communities who haven’t been applying and may need to be targeted.

Some groups are particularly hard to get to. For them, word-of-mouth is best, but in many cases you’ll need to find a connection with the group to help you get access to it. Cultural associations, meeting places, schools and social media may be useful starting points.

In thinking about who you need to reach and how to reach them, consider these specific questions:

  • Who is driving arts activities locally?

  • What’s new on the local arts scene?

  • How can we encourage applications from a wide range of groups in our community?

  • How will we reach young people?

How can you support your CCS administrator to promote the scheme?

There are a number of ways you can support your CCS administrator to connect with your community, eg:

  • Brochures - Your administrator has CCS brochures and posters. Take some of these with you and pass them on to other artists, arts organisations or community groups. These are also available in pdf format and in a variety of languages

  • Social media - Does your council have a Facebook page? Do you or your organisation have a Facebook page? If so, start “liking” and commenting on the council’s CCS postings or postings by groups that have been supported

  • CCS funded events - Attending CCS funded events and other community events can create good opportunities for promoting the scheme. If you are able to attend these events you might take some copies of the brochures with you in case there are opportunities to share this information.

Note that up to 7.5% of the council’s annual CCS allocation can be used for promotion costs. This funding for promotion cannot be used to cover administration costs. Some councils have successfully run local promotional events, often based around the opening of an exhibition or a new venue, where they have showcased projects that have been supported through CCS.