Funding for the Creative Communities Scheme

A breakdown of each council’s CCS allocation

We will notify you of your annual allocation by 1 August of each year.

The total allocation received by each local council consists of:

  • a base grant (in the 2015/16 financial year this was $6,000)

  • an allocation per head of population in the relevant area (in the 2015/16 financial year this was $0.70)

  • a GST component.

Your council’s CCS agreement allows for these amounts to change during the year, but Creative New Zealand will notify you in writing before any changes take place.

CCS payments to local councils: When and how

Each local council receives two six-monthly payments, in August and February, to fund the Creative Communities Scheme in their area.

These payments will be credited to your council automatically – you don’t have to apply or take any other specific steps to get them. Creative New Zealand will notify you by email when each payment is made.

Dealing with GST

CCS payments to councils include GST

Payments to councils under the Creative Communities Scheme include GST paid on top of the allocated amount, as noted above.

Successful applicants who are GST-registered will receive GST in addition to the amount that they’ve been granted.

Any GST that is not passed on to GST-registered applicants should be dealt with according to the council’s (or third party’s) usual GST obligations.

GST in applicants’ budget figures

If an applicant is GST-registered, they must provide a budget that is GST-exclusive.

If an applicant isn’t GST-registered, their budget should include GST.

GST in third-party agreements

If the scheme operates under a third party that isn’t GST-registered, the third party and the local council need to make arrangements so that successful applicants who are GST-registered can receive the GST component of their grant.

Administrators should make sure that all agreements with third parties are consistent with and comply with the GST requirements explained above.

No guarantees against loss

Funding is not available under the Creative Communities Scheme to provide arts projects with guarantees against loss – that is, security against arts events not meeting budgeted ticket sales.

When funds must be spent

All funds received by local councils under the Creative Communities Scheme should be allocated to applicants in the financial year (1 July to 30 June) in which the council received the funds.

Creative New Zealand asks that no funding allocations are made before councils are advised of their annual allocation and receive the funds.

Councils are expected to commit all their CCS funds by the end of the financial year (1 July to 30 June) in which they receive the funds. However, we allow councils to roll-over up to 15% of the annual CCS allocation to the next financial year. All rolled-over funds must be allocated within the first funding round of the new financial year.

Spending more than your allocation

If you allocate more funds to CCS applicants than you’ve received from Creative New Zealand, your council will need to cover this overspend. You can’t use the next year’s allocation to cover it.