How Creative New Zealand supports local CCS administrators

We provide local administrators of the Creative Communities Scheme with the following support:

  • Guides – As well as this Administrators Guide, we provide a guide for your assessors explaining the role and responsibilities of assessors under the scheme (Assessors Guide).

  • Promotional material – We provide pamphlets in te reo Māori, English, key Pacific Island languages and some other languages to help promote the Creative Communities Scheme in communities. Hard copies of the English and te reo Māori booklets are available on request. Posters are also available in a range of sizes.

  • Application form and guide – We provide an application form and a guide for applicants to use when filling out an application form (Creative Communities Scheme Application Guide).

  • Meetings and workshops – We organise regular regional meetings and training workshops for CCS administrators and assessors. These help administrators and assessors develop the knowledge and skills they need to deliver the scheme locally.

  • Advice – Creative New Zealand staff are available to answer any questions you may have about assessing applications or about administering and delivering the scheme generally. We can also run phone training sessions for new administrators on request.

  • CCS Updates - Creative new Zealand sends you quarterly updates with important dates and information.

  • CCS Newsletters – Creative New Zealand sends you quarterly newsletters with important dates and information, news and examples of best practice.

  • Other resources – We also provide other resources, eg example projects and applications you can use for running workshops and promoting the scheme.

CCS Administrators Hub

All guides, forms and resources are availible to view or download at the Creative Communities Scheme Administrators Hub at,