Reporting by local councils to Creative New Zealand

Telling Creative New Zealand how you’ve spent CCS funds is an important part of the management of the scheme.

As a Crown entity, Creative New Zealand is audited annually and CCS is included in that audit. From time to time, individual councils may be contacted as part of our audit.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all relevant information is up-to-date and is provided to Creative New Zealand.

Details on the information you need to provide and how to report to Creative New Zealand can be found in section 8 at page 23.

Reporting by third parties

When a third party is responsible for assessing applications but not for administering the scheme, Creative New Zealand recommends that they provide the council with relevant reporting information for you to then report on to Creative New Zealand.

However, if the council has completely devolved the management of the scheme to a third party, the third party may, according to its agreement with the council, be responsible for reporting directly to Creative New Zealand.

Annual Evaluation Report

You need to complete an Annual Evaluation Report at the end of each financial year. This includes additional evaluative information to help us develop and improve the Creative Communities Scheme.

Creative New Zealand will send you a link when it is time to complete this report.