Reporting to Creative New Zealand

All CCS administrators are required to file a report, known as the Grants Tracking Tool (GTT), within 8 weeks of the closing date of each local funding round. 

This report captures key information about each application and allows you to update us on which projects have been successfully completed. It also provides you with an up-to-date record of the funds available to you for distribution.

You will be provided with a GTT at the start of each financial year. When you submit a completed report following each round we then issue you with a new one.

Please take a moment to read these instructions on how to complete the GTT.                                                                                   

Important notes:                                                            

The GTT contains macros. It is important that these are not disabled otherwise we are unable to import this data into our system and you will need to re-enter the information.                                                          

To avoid disabling the macros please do not cut and paste across more than one cell at a time.                                                  

There are three tabs on the GTT. You need to complete information on all tabs before you submit the GTT to Creative New Zealand.                                     

Tab 1: Current Funding Round      

  1. Check that you have opened the correct GTT report for this round. This information is located in the top right hand corner of this tab e.g. 16/17/1 is the 1st funding round for the 2016-17 financial year.  
  2. Insert the Closing Date for this funding round.
  3. Once all information on all 3 tabs has been inserted change the Funding Round Status to ‘Closed’.
  4. Enter the details of all applications for funding received for this current round. This includes ineligible and declined applications.              
  1. All columns are mandatory with the exception of:
    • Decline code must be blank if the applicant has been approved
  2. If the Ethnic Affiliation code or Cultural Tradition code has only had the main group code identified and the applicant has provided no additional detail, the detail column should be left blank.
  3. If the applicant has selected more than one ethnicity or more than one cultural tradition then you need to select ‘multiple ethnicities’ or ‘multi-cultural’
  4. If an application has been declined, the amount allocated must be zero.
  5. You must enter a value for the estimated number of participants and estimated audience numbers, even if this value is zero
  6. When selecting the Activity code for the project, please use the following as a guideline: 
    • COAW – Creation only: for projects which focus only on the making of the artwork but not the presenting of that work to the public
    • CRPN -  Creation and Presentation: for projects which include both the creating and presenting of any form of art e.g. exhibition, performance or publication
    • EXBN – Presentation only (exhibition): for exhibitions of existing work i.e. the creating of the work is not part of the project
    • PERF – Presentation only (performance/concert): for performances where the work has already been created
    • WORK – Workshop: includes any form of training, wānanga, workshop

Tab 2: In Progress                                                           

  1. This sheet lists the projects which have been successful from previous funding rounds and which have not been marked as completed.
  2. Every successful applicant is required to return a Project Completion Report within two months of finishing their project.
  3. Change the status of these projects to Completed when you have received their satisfactory report. 
  4. If the project is cancelled, you will need to show the returned funds in the ‘Financial Report’ tab
  5. If a project is still in progress you do not need to do anything. The entry will be carried forward into the next GTT.
  6. Enter the actual numbers of participants and audiences/attendees from the project completion report.             

Tab 3: Financial Report                                                 

  1. Note there are six fields to be completed. These are self-explanatory.  If there is no value for any of these items enter 0 (zero) in the appropriate box.
  2.  These figures will calculate automatically. Check these figures against your own records to ensure they are accurate.
  3. The funds available for the next round will automatically show. Following your final funding round for the year, if this amount is over 15% of your annual allocation, you may need to return some funds to Creative NZ. We will advise you of this once we have processed your report.

Final steps

  1. Once all information has been inputted into all 3 tabs, go back to the ‘Current Funding Round’ tab and change the Funding Round Status to Closed.
  2.  The next time you save the workbook, the data entered will be validated and any errors displayed. These need to be fixed up before the workbook can be returned to Creative New Zealand
  3. If any outstanding errors cannot be resolved at this time (e.g. if you are waiting on some further information), then set the Funding Round Status back to Open.
  4. Once the spreadsheet has been completed and the status set to Closed, it can then be returned to Creative New Zealand