Reporting to Creative New Zealand

You can find information on how to report to Creative New Zealand in the Creative Communities Scheme Administrators Hub (from 1 September 2016).

You will be asked to provide the following:

  1. Contact details (on-going):
    1. Up-to-date names and contact details of council staff involved in administering the scheme
    2. Up-to-date names and dates of appointment of current assessors
  2. Upcoming funding rounds (at the end of the previous financial year):
    1. Your closing dates for funding rounds for the upcoming financial year
    2. Details of any local priorities
  3. Applications and assessment committee decisions (within 8 weeks of your closing dates or by 20 June of each year – whichever is the earliest):
    1. Details of all applications received
    2. Details of assessment committee decisions
    3. Details from project completion reports received since the last funding round
  4. Annual evaluation report (June each year)
    1. Evaluative information on the running of the scheme and our service to you.