Specific costs that can’t be funded

  • ongoing administration and service costs (such as salaries) that aren’t related to a specific project[1]

  • travel for individuals or groups to attend events, presentations or shows outside the local area

  • buying capital items or equipment, such as cameras, computers, instruments, costumes, lights or uniforms

  • catering costs or any food or refreshment costs associated with a project or event

  • the costs of running fundraising activities

  • entry fees for competitions, contests and exams

  • prize money, awards and judges’ fees for competitions

  • payment of royalties

  • the paying off of accumulated debt or debt servicing

  • buying existing artworks for collections held by, for example, councils, museums, galleries, community groups or individuals.

    Where any of the above costs are included in a CCS application, the applicant will need to be able to cover these costs from project income other than CCS funding, eg ticket sales or fundraising


[1] Note that CCS can support a proportion of a groups’ core costs and/or overheads that relates specifically to the project