Stage 1. Checking applications for eligibility (Administrator)

When an application has been received, your role as CCS administrator includes checking that the application meets the eligibility requirements under the scheme (see section 4 at page 10 for these requirements).

If an application is ineligible, you should not send it to the assessment committee. However, you should send a list of ineligible applications to the committee so that the committee can note them.

If an application is ineligible because all the necessary information hasn’t been provided, eg the budget section is incomplete, you can ask the applicant for more information so the assessment committee can consider the application in this round.

If you’re in any doubt about whether the application meets the eligibility requirements, you should discuss this with a Creative New Zealand staff member or send the application to the assessment committee to be assessed.

Coding ineligible applications on the Grants Tracking Tool

If an application is ineligible under the scheme, you should note the reason for this on the Grants Tracking Tool, using the code “D1” for “Ineligible project”.