Stage 6. Notifying applicants of the committee’s decision and establishing an agreement (Administrator)

Notifying successful applicants

All successful applicants must be notified in writing that their application has been granted.

A “Sample letter for successful applicants” is provided on the CCS Administrator’s Hub. This template letter allows you to insert the applicant’s details, the name of the project, the amount the applicant has been awarded, and any specific conditions of the grant, eg if the funds are tagged to certain items or specific aspects of the project.

The letter restates the conditions of funding under the Creative Communities Scheme and reminds the applicant that, by making the application, they’ve agreed to these conditions.

You also need to include a Project Completion Report form, which can be downloaded from the CCS Administrator’s Hub. Projects must be completed within 12 months after funding is approved, and the Project Completion Report is due back within two months after the project is completed.

Funding agreements

When applicants complete their application form they sign a declaration stating that if they’re successful, they will:

  • complete the project as described in their application, or seek written approval from the CCS Administrator for any significant changes to a project

  • complete the project within a year of the funding being approved

  • complete and return a Project Completion Report form within two months of the project being completed

  • return any funds that they haven’t spent

  • keep a record of and receipts for all project expenditure

  • participate, if required, in any funding audit of their organisation or project carried out by the local council

  • contact the CCS administrator to notify them of any public event or presentation that is funded by the scheme

  • acknowledge CCS funding at event openings, presentations or performances

  • use the CCS logo in all publicity for their project, such as posters, flyers and e-newsletters, and follow the guidelines for using the logo. The logo and guidelines can be downloaded from:

This declaration will be adequate as a funding agreement and the applicant is reminded of this in the letter advising that they have been successful. However, your council may want to establish an additional funding agreement with successful applicants, in order to be consistent with your other funding processes. If you do so, the terms of the grant need to be consistent with the requirements set out above.

Notifying unsuccessful applicants

All unsuccessful applicants should be notified in writing that their application hasn’t been granted. A sample letter for unsuccessful applicants is provided on the CCS Administrators Hub.

If an application is underdeveloped, the assessment committee may decide to indicate to the applicant that they can submit a reworked proposal in a future funding round.