Stages of the assessment process

When an application for funding under the Creative Communities Scheme has been received and acknowledged by the local CCS administrator, the application passes through the following stages:

1.   Checking eligibility requirements (Administrator) – the CCS administrator checks that the application is eligible to be considered by the assessment committee.

2.   Distributing applications to assessors (Administrator) – the CCS administrator distributes all the eligible applications to the individual assessors.

3.   Applying the Assessment Scale (Individual assessors) – the assessors mark each application against the Assessment Scale, using the Application Marking Sheet to record a mark out of 20. They then return these marks to the administrator.

4.   Creating a ranked list (Administrator) – the CCS administrator collates the assessors’ marks and creates a ranked list of all applications, from the highest marked to the lowest.

5.   Prioritising applications and allocating funding (Assessment committee) – the assessment committee meets to discuss the applications and decide which should have priority for funding.

6.   Notifying the applicants (Administrator) – the CCS administrator notifies each applicant in writing of the assessment committee’s decision about their application.