CCS Administrators Guide

This online guide is designed to support local administrators of the Creative Communities Scheme (CCS).

This online guide is exactly the same as the pdf version, which can you download here:

> > CCS Administrator Guide 2016-19 Updated June 2017.pdf

The guide covers all aspects of administering the scheme, including:
• calling for and receiving applications
• giving advice to applicants
• eligibility requirements
• key funding criteria
• setting up and managing your assessment committee
• processes for assessing applications and making decisions
• reporting to Creative New Zealand.

As a CCS administrator you are required, under the CCS Agreement between Creative New Zealand and your Territorial Authority, to comply with these guidelines. Therefore you need to familiarise yourself with the contents of this guide. You should use it as an ongoing reference when you’re administering the scheme.

This is an updated version of the Administrators Guide. It replaces all previous versions.

An Assessors Guide is also available – it explains the purpose and procedures of the scheme as they relate to the role of the scheme’s assessors (members of assessment committees). Administrators should make sure that all members of their assessment committee are given a copy of the Assessors Guide.

Other information and resources

This guide, the Assessors Guide, other templates, resources and information on reporting are all available on the CCS Administrators Hub.