To send to applicants:

> > CCS Application Form Template  Please ensure the application form template is adapted for your community and all sections in yellow have been edited before uploading the form on your website or sending to applicants.

> > CCS Application Guide Low Ink Upload the Application guide to your website.

> > CCS Application Guide

> > Letter acknowledging receipt of CCS application

> > Letter to successful applicants

> > Letter to unsuccessful applicants

> > CCS Project Completion Report Form  add your contact details to the bottom before sending to Applicants.

To send to Assessors:

> > CCS Assessor Marking Spreadsheet.xls

>> Confidentiality and Conflicts of Interest declaration

> > CCS Assessor Nomination Form

>> CCS Assessors Guide.pdf

> > CCS Assessors Guide Low Ink.pdf

For Managers:

 > > CCS Funding Workshop powerpoint presentation can be used by CCS Managers when holding workshops for potential applicants.

  > > CCS Assessors Induction powerpoint 2020 can be used by CCS Managers when holding workshops for new assessors who have joined the CCS Assessment Committee.

  > > Call for CCS Assessors – Poster can be used by CCS Managers to advertise they are looking for people to join the CCS Assessment Committee.


Visit CCS logos to download logos (generic and council specific) for use on CCS promotional material.