1. Prepare for your annual Creative Communities Scheme

  • Select funding round dates.  
  • Edit CCS application form to be current for your community funding rounds.  
  • Prepare promotional and website materials.  
  • Advertise for assessment committee members.  

Number and dates of funding rounds each year

You must make sure that there are at least two and not more than four CCS funding rounds each year. This includes any funding rounds administered by third parties. As an exception, Creative New Zealand may allow councils in areas with very small CCS allocations to hold just a single round in each year. This needs to be agreed to in writing.

We recommend that the closing dates are spread evenly across the year.

No funding round should be later than 15 May to allow for all reports to be submitted to Creative New Zealand by 20 June. If you select a closing date between 1 May and 15 May you need to be confident that you will be able to submit your reports by 20 June.

You may wish to align your closing dates with neighbouring councils if there is a significant overlap of arts activity and audiences.