Eligibility requirements for CCS

Before an application can be considered by an assessment committee, the CCS Manager must check that it meets all of the eligibility requirements.

The applicant

  • if the applicant is an individual they must be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident
  • if the application is from a group or organisation, they must be based in New Zealand
  • if the applicant is from a business the project must have a community based art focus - CCS can fund professional arts activity and arts businesses projects even if this is the ‘core business’ of that individual or business, but provide evidence that no profit will be made.  
    • e.g. A dance school putting on an end of year production with their students. It would be appropriate for them to apply for costs associated with the production (administrative and artistic fees, promotion, venue hire, materials, production costs) however we would expect to see all the estimated income from the project (e.g. a portion of the student fees and/or ticket sales in this instance) included in the budget.

Please remember:  CCS can only support costs that are associated with the delivery of a specific project.

  • if the applicant has already received funding from CCS for another project, they must have completed a satisfactory Project Completion Report for the other project before they can make another application, unless the other project is still in progress.

The application form

  • the application must be on the standard application form provided by Creative New Zealand for the scheme
  • the declaration must be signed.

The proposed project or proposal

  • must have an arts focus
  • must have identified one of the three funding criteria
  • must take place within the city or district where the application is made
  • must not have begun before any CCS funding is approved
  • must not already have been funded through Creative New Zealand’s other funding programmes
  • must be scheduled to be completed within 12 months after funding is approved.

The process the administrator should follow to check eligibility and deal with ineligible applications is explained in Step 1 of the assessment process.