Changes to CCS Funded Projects

Can successful applicants change their projects?

It is not uncommon for projects to change after they have been funded. This can be for a variety of reasons such as having to resize the project to match available funding or shifting the dates due to key personnel or venue availability. If the change is substantial successful applicants need to apply in writing (email is fine) for approval. A substantial change might include:

  • Different personnel delivering the project (where the personnel delivery was considered a key factor in the strength of the project)
  • Changes in the scale of the project due to anticipated funding (CCS or other) not being able to be secured
  • Funds being applied to a completely different project

The administrator should discuss any requested changes with the chair. If the administrator and chair are unsure they should take it to the wider committee.

However, if the proposed changes are significant and you feel that, had they known this information from the outset, the committee may have made a different decision, we recommend that you take the decision back to the committee.

If the request is for a completely different project it is recommended (if timeframes allow) that the funds be returned and a new application submitted.

What happens if a project can’t be completed within 12 months?

If a project is delayed and unable to be completed within 12 months of funding being allocated, then the administrator (sometimes with input from the committee/chair) needs to decide whether an extension can be granted or if the funds need to be returned and re-applied for. In most instances it is the former, but if one or more of the following applies to the project, then we would expect you to request the funds be returned and a new application submitted when the project is ready to progress:

  • it has been delayed several times
  • there are questions around whether it will eventually go ahead
  • the project has changed substantially
  • the delay is well beyond the 12 month time-frame

If an extension is granted, the administrator would need to let the committee know this.