Glossary - General terms

Arts: all forms of creative and interpretative expression (from the Arts Council of New Zealand Toi Aotearoa Act 2014, section 4).

Artform: one of various forms of arts practice.

Community: a community may be based around a place, a cultural tradition, or commonly held interests or experiences.

Ethnicity: an ethnic group is made up of people who have some or all of the following characteristics:

  • a common proper name
  • one or more elements of common culture, which may include religion, customs or language
  • a unique community of interests, feelings and actions
  • a shared sense of common origins or ancestry
  • a common geographic origin.

Genre: a category of artistic, musical or literary composition characterised by a particular style, form or content; a kind or type of work.

Heritage arts: artistic expressions and forms reflecting a particular cultural tradition or traditions that continue to be celebrated and practised by New Zealand artists and practitioners, and that are appreciated and supported by New Zealand communities.

Masterclasses: classes, workshops, seminars or other training offered by experienced and respected artists and practitioners (see also Wānanga).

Project: A self-contained activity that is time bound with an identifiable start and end date.

Territorial authority: a district or city council.

Wānanga: a Māori term for a forum or workshop.