Other Funding

Can people receive funding from both CCS and the council funding e.g. community boards or events/community grants?

Yes. Funding from the Creative Communities Scheme and from Community Boards comes from two different places i.e. taxes/lotteries (CCS) and rates (community boards and other council funding programmes) so, there should be no issue with projects receiving funds from both sources provided all other eligibility requirements are met for those funds. Certainly, for larger projects such as community events or large-scale productions, we would expect to see income from both sources. This also applies to funding from other funding pools e.g. community trusts.

Can a project receive CCS funding if that project is already receiving funds from a Creative New Zealand funding scheme?

No, a project cannot receive CCS funding if that project has already been supported via one of Creative New Zealand’s other funding programmes.

When should I steer people to Creative New Zealand’s other funding programmes?

If a project has regional or national significance and the applicant has a track record of success they may be eligible for support via one of our other funding programmes. These programmes are highly competitive so before someone makes an application we recommend that they have a look at the funding guides under our various programmes and speak with the relevant Creative New Zealand artform adviser. You can find a contact list here. If you are unsure about whether to steer someone towards these programmes please get in touch.