Options for managing the assessment process

You have three options for managing the administration of the Creative Communities Scheme:

  • Doing it “in-house” – You can administer the scheme itself.

  • Using a third party – You can contract a community arts council or other suitably qualified organisation (called “third parties” in this guide) to administer the scheme.

  • Mixed approach – You can administer part of the scheme itself and contract a third party to administer other parts of it.

The agreement signed by your local council with Creative New Zealand will say which option has been agreed to (it’s a good idea to keep a copy of that agreement with this Administrators Guide for quick reference).

Changing your administration option

You can decide to change the administration option that’s set out in the CCS agreement with Creative New Zealand. However, you’ll need to write to us about this first, stating the changes you want to make. The new option will then need to be agreed to in an amended version of your agreement.