Reporting to Creative New Zealand

Telling Creative New Zealand how you’ve spent CCS funds is an important part of the management of the scheme. As a Crown entity, Creative New Zealand is audited annually and CCS is included in that audit. From time to time, individual councils may be contacted as part of our audit.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all relevant information is up-to-date and is provided to Creative New Zealand.

Grants Tracking Tool (GTT)

All CCS administrators are required to complete a report known as the Grants Tracking Tool (GTT) and submit this to Creative New Zealand at 

You can submit your GTT after each of your funding rounds or at any time, but you must submit a GTT for every six-month period by 31 December and 30 June. You must submit your final GTT for the current financial year by 30 June in order to receive the first instalment of your annual allocation for the next financial year.

The GTT captures key information about each application and allows you to update us on which projects have been successfully completed. It also helps you to track the funds available to you for distribution.

We will send you a GTT at the start of each financial year. You should use the same GTT for the whole financial year and update it after each funding round. That means, instead of having two (or three or four) GTT for the year, you will only have one. 

Please note: There are three tabs on the GTT. You need to complete the information on all tabs before you submit the GTT to Creative New Zealand.                              

Tab 1: Funding Rounds        

  1. You can add the information for your recent funding round below the information for your previous round/s.
  2. Enter the funding round closing date.
  3. Enter the details of all applications for funding received for this current round. This includes ineligible and declined applications.              
  4. If the applicant has selected more than one ethnicity or more than one cultural tradition then you need to select ‘multiple ethnicities’.
  5. If an application has been declined, the amount allocated must be zero.
  6. You must enter a value for the 'estimated number of participants' and 'estimated number of audience', even if this value is zero.

Tab 2: Project Completion Reporting                                                          

  1. You need to complete all five fields (if there is no value for any of these items enter zero in the appropriate box)
      Number of Completed Projects:
     Enter the number of project completion reports submitted since your last GTT.
      Number of Cancelled Projects:
     Enter the number of cancelled projects since your last GTT, if any. 
      Total No. Participants (Actual): 
     Enter the number of actual participants from the project completion reports included above.
      Total No. Audience (Actual):
     Enter the actual audience numbers from the project completion reports included above.
      Number of Projects Currently in Progress: 
     Enter the number of ALL projects in progress, including those just funded in the recent funding round.

Tab 3: Financial Summary                                                 

  1. You need to complete all the fields. If there is no value for any of these items enter zero in the appropriate box.
  2.  The total figures will calculate automatically. Check these figures against your own records to ensure they are accurate.
  3. The funds available for the next round will automatically display. Following your final funding round for the year, if this amount is over 15% of your annual allocation, you may need to return some funds to Creative New Zealand. We will advise you of this once we have processed your final report.

Final step

  1. Once your GTT is complete please email it to

Reporting by third parties

When a third party is responsible for assessing applications but not for administering the scheme, Creative New Zealand recommends that they provide the council with relevant reporting information for you to then report on to Creative New Zealand.

However, if the council has completely devolved the management of the scheme to a third party, the third party may, according to its agreement with the council, be responsible for reporting directly to Creative New Zealand.

Annual Evaluation Survey

You need to complete an Annual Evaluation Survey at the end of each financial year. This includes additional evaluative information to help us develop and improve the Creative Communities Scheme.

Creative New Zealand will send you a link when it is time to complete this report.