Advising applicants and receiving applications

The Application Form

You must post the CCS Application Guide and CCS Application Form on your website, and send it out to any applicants who ask for it. 

You will have to adapt the CCS Application Form, eg inserting your logo, contact details, closing dates – before you post it on your website. Please read the instructions on how to do this. All applicants must use the standard CCS application form. 

Giving advice and information to prospective applicants

A key part of the CCS administrator’s role is providing applicants and prospective applicants with information and advice.

If you can’t find the answer to a question in either the CCS Application Guide or this Administrators Guide, please check in the FAQs on the CCS Administrators Hub.

Support under other Creative New Zealand funding programmes

If the scale or significance of a proposed arts project goes beyond the local level, the project may be a better fit for one of Creative New Zealand's other funding programmes.

Information about the other funding opportunities we provide is available on our website: